Monday, September 3, 2012

Sassy Leo (Makeupbee contest entry)

Sassy Leo is having a competition inspired by the zodiac signs & I decided to do a look & enter the contest, why not? My sign is a leo so I wanted to have the symbol nice and big on the face, then somehow mimic the features of a lion, like the whiskers & shape of the mouth area, yet still make it glamorous & pretty (that's where the lashes & rhinestone came into play)

I sketched out the design but changed it a little after I started. Took me about 3 hours since I don't usually do looks like these too often, and I'm not crazy about it, but it turned out ok...

Hope you like it!

Here is the sketch I did....

And here is the finished look

To Vote please click the "LUV" button on this link:

Here’s a list of products used for this look:

• Sephora Instant Moisturizer
• Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation 2.0
• Maybelline Ultra Liner, Waterproof black (for all lining & shapes)
• Urban Decay eyeliner Perversion (to patch Leo sign shape)
• Physicians Formula powder palette
• Whiskers: made by pulling bristles from ELF Total Face Brush, grouping them & gluing the ends so they stay together
• Duo Brush-on lash adhesive (to glue whiskers)
 Rhinestones: Michaels Arts & Crafts store
• Urban Decay Primer potion Original (nose, mouth & forehead)

• Urban Decay Primer Potion Greed (around the eyes & brows)
• Lime Crime uniliner Lunar Sea (for white parts)
• NYX Jumbo eyeliner Milk (waterline & around under eyes)
• Maybelline Ultra Liner, Waterproof black (for all lining & shapes)
• Inglot eyelashes 26F (right eye)
• Red Cherry lashes #33 (bottom)
• Duo Brush-on lash adhesive (for lashes & rhinestones)


• Cinema Secrets Face & Body Wax (to cover the brows)
• Maybelline Ultra Liner, Waterproof  black (for all lining & shapes)

• Too Faced The Bronzed & Beautiful Chocolate Soleil (all over face)
• Too Faced The Bronzed & Beautiful Powdered Sun (along nose & forehead)

• Urban Decay Naked palette: Half Baked (bottom lip)
• Maybelline Ultra Liner, Waterproof black (for all lining & shapes)

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