Monday, January 7, 2013

Obsessive Compulsive (OCC) Lip Tars: Stalker & Vintage

Obsessive Compulsive (OCC) Lip Tars: Stalker & Vintage

I have seen these around for a while and have been wanting to buy one but not without seeing them first. I finally found Nigel Beauty Emporium in North Hollywood that had them (along with tons of other awesome stuff) so I checked them out.

I ended up buying "Hush" & "Stalker" but went back and exchanged "Hush" for "Vintage". I REALLY love "Stalker" & "Vintage" the colors are gorgeous! "Hush" was waaay to pale/opaque pink and completely washed my faced out no matter how light I applied it, even with lip liner (everyone hated it haha!)

OCC Lip Tar review:
The colors are all really beautiful and I like them a lot. However, it really doesn't last very long or dry to a matte like it says it does and tends to bleed out very easily (even when applied over primer); but maybe I'm just not using it right  In my opinion it's a great product to use if you're not going to eat or drink anything but when I tried to wear it throughout the day, it was a bit irritating because it smeared & isn't very convenient to reapply with the little brush when you're in a hurry. I'm gonna keep trying and hopefully I can get it right because I really do like the product & love the saturated colors.

(Sorry for the shatty pictures, was just getting use to the new camera)

Here are a few shots of the actual product/packaging:

You can check out Nigel Beauty Emporium if you want to see them in person & are in the area. Sephora also carries them online (and some in stores as well)


  1. Gorgeous, I love them both! Anna you look like a porcelain doll!!

    1. :D Glad you like them lovely! The colors are so beautiful I wanna eat them :P hehe! wow <3 Thank you so much Colleen -I'm blushing ;)

  2. These look great on you! Impressive!