Sunday, March 24, 2013

SWATCHES & REVIEW: MAC Hue vs. Revlon Soft Nude

MAC Hue vs. Revlon Soft Nude: swatches & review

(Sorry for the terrible lighting)
I've been using MAC Hue lipstick for years now and really like but like many other makeup junkies, I continue my search for the "perfect nude lipstick" :) and am always open to save some money. I saw a few posts on other blogs (which I can't remember) that mentioned Revlon Soft nude & compared it to other nude lipsticks. Since it's a drugstore brand, and those stores have pretty good return policies, I thought I'd give it a shot & am glad I did.

MAC Hue vs. Revlon Soft Nude review:

MAC Hue: 
I really do love this product; it's a pretty, soft sheer color & I like the creamy texture. It's not very long lasting but I think that's due to the creamy texture. apx. $15
Revlon Soft Nude:
This is also a great product. The color is pretty close to MAC's Hue but it's a little bit more of an orange/peach nude (which I like). It's creamy & goes on smooth, similar texture to MAC but maybe a little thicker & more saturated in color. Like MAC's Hue it's also not that long lasting.The plus is that it's only about $9 so it'll save you a little bit of money. Would definitely reccommend trying it out.

Here are some pictures of the products/packaging:

Swatched on my hand:

Here are the products applied:


  1. you are so daring for pulling off such a nude lipstick!

    My Blog: Caught in a Daze.

    1. haha! Thanks Vicky! I usually don't wear the colors alone out though...this was just for swatches & review :) GREAT blog by the way!