Saturday, March 9, 2013

SWATCHES & REVIEW: NYX Liquid Crystal Liners


NYX Liquid Crystal Liners: 

- Crystal Silk
- Crystal Pink
- Crystal Pewter
- Crystal Jade
- Crystal Onyx

Great product! The colors are all really beautiful, very sparkly & pretty. They have a thin brush applicator which helps to make thin lines. I generally have to double or triple layer it though because one layer usually isn't full enough for me. It does take a few minutes for it to dry, but once it's dry; it's on for the rest of the day (12+ hours)!
When it's time to remove, I can usually pull the edge & peel the rest off which is pretty convenient, but I do still have to remove the leftovers with makeup remover.
Overall; very happy with this product & love using it!

Here are some pictures of the products & swatches:


  1. Turkusowy prezentuje się najładniej :)

    1. Dziękujemy! Są one wszystkie dużo ładniejszy osobiście, ale Teal, jeden jest naprawdę piękne