Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Blue Swamp Empress

Blue Swamp Empress

...Didn't really have anything in mind when I started this, just knew I wanted use these wild new lashes I bought & do something creepy & creative.

Hope you like it!


• Sephora Instant Moisturizer (entire face)
• Sephora Perfecting Ultra-Smoothing Primer (entire face)
• Amazing Cosmetics Concealer Medium Golden (under eyes)
• Amazing Cosmetics Concealer Medium Golden (cover acne red/dark spots: applied before & after liquid foundation)
• Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation 160 Golden Beige (mixed with Maybelline Super Stay)
• Maybelline Superstay 24Hr Foundation Natural Beige (applied over 160 to for contouring: nose, under eyes, forehead & chin)
• Sephora Matifying Compact Foundation R30 (entire face)
 Mehron Fantasy F-X makeup in moonlight (applied with fingers over entire face)
• Wet n Wild color icon palette Blue Had Me At Hello 737:
   - Teal (under eyes & under eyes)
   - Dark Navy Blue (define shape of nose)
   - Deep Blue (blend out the dark Navy blue on sides of nose)
• MAC pigment Steel Blue (blend out Deep blue on sides of nose & under eyes/cheek area)
• Urban Decay eyeshadow Haight (sides of nose & under eyes/cheek area)
• Urban Decay eyeshadow (blend out under eyes/cheek area)
• Too Faced eyeshadow duo Ooh & Ahh: Silver (down center of nose)
• MAC pigment Vanilla (blend out silver to forehead)
 Half pearls stickers blue & grey (forehead) (from Michaels Arts & crafts)

• Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper (all over eyelid)
• Wet n Wild color icon palette Blue Had Me At Hello 737:
   - white (highlight & brow bone)
   - baby blue (inner part of top lid)
   - Teal (middle of top lid & bottom lid)
   - Dark Navy Blue (outer part/crease of top lid & along bottom lid)
   - Sparkly black (crease of top lid & corner of bottom lid)
• Milani Inifinite liquid eye liner Nonstop 
• Revlon Luxurious Color eyeliner Blackened Sapphire 506 (waterline)
• Eyelash Curler (from 99 cent store)
• Maybelline Volum Express The Faslies Waterproof, Very Black
• DUO Brush-On lash adhesive (used to apply pearls)
 Eylure Lashfix Adhesive (used to apply lashes & pearls)
 Elise Faux Eyelashes 431 (applied over Red Cherry 62)
 Bottom lashes don't have info but they're similar to Ardell Fright Night Spyder Woman Lashes
 Munzon contact lenses

• Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper (used to bond the powder for better hold)
• Wet n Wild color icon palette Blue Had Me At Hello 737: 
   - Dark Navy Blue (define outline of brow design)
• NYX Liquid Crystal liner Crystal Onyx 102 (trace top parts of design)

• Wet n Wild color icon palette Blue Had Me At Hello 737:
   - Dark Navy Blue (define shape on cheekbone area & blend out)
   - Deep Blue (blend out the Dark Navy blue)
• MAC pigment Steel Blue (blend out Deep Blue)

• NYX Liquid Crystal liner Crystal Onyx 102 (outline shape & center)
• NYX Studio Liquid Extreme Blue 101 (fill in shape)


  1. oh, wow! So cool Anna! I looove those lashes, and the lips!! :D

    1. :) Thank you so much Lucy! I was dying to finally use the lashes for something! glad you love it!

  2. ANNA!!! WHOA!! My mind has been blown!! This must've taken you hours to do. It's incredible. Wow!!

    1. Success!! :) Yup, it took me over 2 hours to finish this one, then another 30 just to take it all off. hahaha! I'm so happy you love it & I'm flattered by your awesome comment! Thank you hun!

  3. Hello Anna,
    I have a question about Blogger for you! :) I made a post about it on my blog, if you want to see....but anyway, I'm not able to post anything on my blog, because, when I click 'new post' nothing shows up, therefore, I can't post a thing! If you have any idea, please let me know! (If you need the details, check out the blog post on it!) Thank you soooo much!! (:) Lucy

    1. Hi Lucy :)
      I checked your blog for the details. I really don't understand why it wouldn't show up. Sometimes it takes a minute to load, maybe that's it? Are you getting an error message?
      Have you tried logging into your blogger account using a different browser perhaps? (If you're using Chrome, try using Internet Explorer or Safari)
      I would also try clicking around in the "Blogger Settings" section to see if you can find something there that may be keeping you from creating new posts...
      I hope that's helpful and you're able to resolve the problem & post again! :D

    2. thank you for answering! I read this when I had the problem, but I never had the time to comment! So sorry bout that! :D My blog is up and running again, even though I started another at And I think I am going to do crazy (Non-wearable):) looks on my Blogger blog, and wearable looks on the WordPress one..I'm not sure yet! :D

    3. You're welcome sweetie :) No worries hun, I'm just glad everything worked out dear. I am following your new blog as well, I LOVE dramatic, creative makeup no matter what you decied, I'm following both ;) hehe! I think you have a lot of potential and will make much progress within the next year on your technique :)

    4. Oh wow! This means so so much Anna! I'm thrilled that you are keeping up with my looks! This is so nice to hear! :D <3

    5. :D you're welcome hun, that's my opinion! <3 Just keep practicing and learning and don't let anyone discourage you!

    6. You're so encouraging! You're like my makeup mom, if you don't mind me saying! :D <3

    7. EVeryone needs encouragement and reassurance!! hahaha! "Makeup Mom" that's so cute, I love it! <3 I don't mind at all sweetheart :)