Saturday, June 8, 2013

Katy Perry Color Pop Lashes: Review & Pics!

Katy Perry Color Pop Lashes Review &  Pics!

I stumbled on these Katy Perry Color Pop Lashes for sale at CVS Pharmacy, and couldn't help myself so I bought all 4. I usually like much bigger & bolder lashes but want to try new styles and these were really pretty and only $3 so I figured "why not?" Here's what I bought:
- Katy Perry Color Pop Lashes Ka-Ching (Green)
- Katy Perry Color Pop Lashes Ka-Boom (Blue)
- Katy Perry Color Pop Lashes Ka-Pow (Purple)
- Katy Perry Color Pop Lashes Individuals

REVIEW: Overall I really like the color & style of these lashes and will be purchasing more but probably from Madame Madeline's site cause they're a bit cheaper :) originally $8.50 at CVS, $7.99 on

PROS:The Katy Perry Color Pop Lashes lashes are very wispy & pretty. They're medium fullness/thickness so they're not too subtle which is a plus for me. Each Box comes with a small tube of glue which is great because I really like Eylure lash glue, it also comes with instructions & a sticker. The individuals come with both glue & glue remover! These lashes have a double layer type style which makes them appear more full and I like that. The band is pretty flexible, but not as flexible as I usually prefer but I'm pretty sure it's made that way to maintain it's shape. I do wish they had more strands of color because I like color :)

 CONS:  The only thing I really don't like about these is that they're a bit uncomfortablel; the edges of the bands are pointy and sting. I tried adjusting them but it didn't do much, all  3 pairs gave me the same problem which sucks, but won't stop me from wearing them.

Here are some Products photos & each pair applied (except for the individuals)


• Lime Crime eyeshadow helper (all over brows)
• Anastasia Brow Powder Ebony (using Sephora brow sculpting brush)
• Anastasia Brow Powder (over brows to lighten)

• Urban Decay primer potion Original (all over eyelid)
• Too Faced Naked Eye palette:
   - In the Buff (highlight)
   - Satin Sheets (top lid & tear duct)
   - Unmentionables (top lid crease)
   - Lap Dance (along bottom lid)
• Urban Decay eye liner Desperation (waterline)
• Prestige liquid eye liner black (eyeliner/wing)
• Duo Brush-on Lash adhesive
 Katy Perry Color Pop lashes


  1. Anna these are amazing!! And I love the eye look you did to show them off. Simply stunning!!
    Have a great day, Anna!! And thank you so much for always making me smile with your sweet comments! Thank you! :-)

    1. I know right, I'm in love with them and have been wearing them a lot! :) hank you so much for the sweet compliment, I'm happy you love it Colleen :D T:) And you're very welcome darling, I'm glad they make you smile. Keep up the great work, I love it!

  2. So fun! I love them! I <3 Katy! She's just in her own world! :D

    1. Thanks! They would look beautiful on you! Yea, she lives in a world all her own and I love it! :) she's brave enough to be different and be herself, I admire that about her :)

    2. Exactly why I love her too! :D Thank you!