Saturday, June 15, 2013

Milani Eye Tech Extreme Review & Swatches

Milani Eye Tech Extreme, Blackest Black


The GoodI like the sleek thin design of the product & the shape of the felt tip applicator. The color is actually very black which I love. It's pretty long lasting (8+ hours) & easy to use. You can make very thin precise lines or thicker ones thanks to the design of the tip. 

The Bad: I really don't like that you can't dip it in to get more product on it, you just kinda shake it up & hope for the best, but it does make it less messy I suppose...

Here is a shot of the packaging & a few swatches:


  1. This looks very nice! I only have one liquid liner, because, honestly, I'm kind of scared of liquid liner! :D hehe :D

    1. It is, I really like it. It goes on nice and black :) haha! Don't be scared of them darling, you'll get the hang of it after enough practice ;)

    2. :) I will definently keep on practicing! :D <3

    3. Good, you'll only get better! :D <3