Friday, August 16, 2013

Duo Brush On Lash Adhesive Review

My #1 Favorite.
Awesome product!
- Great hold, lasts well over 10 hours
- Easy to use & apply
- Goes on a white, dries to blue/green
- Dries quickly and clear
- Waterproof

It's affordable  about $6 and available at CVS pharmacy,Target (maybe Walgreen's & Walmart)
I've tested it splashing in the pool and the lashes were still on after getting soaked (even though the lashes looked like crap & lost their shape, point is- they were still on. haha!)

- Gets Messy
The only thing I really can't stand is the packaging. For some reason after using it a number of times and twisting it shut, the product seeps out of the cap & it gets messy and dries all over the outside and makes my fingers sticky along with anything around it. Although I hate that, I still haven't found a better glue to leave it for so I just deal with the mess....yup....that's how much I love it.



  1. Very great review Anna! Looks like a very interesting product, I wasn't aware of it till now! :D <3 Lu

    1. Lucy, thank you beautiful! I'm happy you liked the review! It's an awesome product, I really love it. I just wish they're put it in a tube so It wouldn't be so messy! <3