Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Z Palette: Review & Pics (eyeshadows)

Z Palette: Review & Pics (eyeshadows)


Here's my Large Black Zpallete full of eyeshadows from 5 different (chunky) palettes

This is a list of all the items I depotted into this palette (from left to right- top to bottom)
- Urban Decay Ammo palette
- Too Faced Natural Eye palette
- Too Faced Naked Eye palette
- Too Faced Smokey Eye palette
- Too Faced Eye Love palette

The plastic sheet with the writing was cut off of a presentation folder that had a clear cover ;)

Awesome product!
- Very convenient & easy to use
- Large enough to fit many different depotted products but compact so it doesn't take up much space
- Great for traveling
- Help clear up A LOT of clutter from chunky product packaging
- Affordable, good value
- Sturdy design, not thin or fragile so products inside stay safe

I bought my Z Palettes from Morphe Brushes in Burbank, CA & also online at www.Naimies.com


  1. Looks good! :) I love my Z-Palette! :D <3-Lucy

    1. Thank you Lucy! Glad you love yours too! I wish I knew about these a LONG time ago :D