Thursday, April 10, 2014

Citrus Alien (The Body Needs) 5/11/13

Citrus Alien (The Body Needs)  5/11/13

Wanted to do a creative & dramatic look, didn't have anything in mind but ended up with this.

Excuse the messy hairline, I'm still learning to work with the face paint.

Hope you like it!

(This was taken with my phone, sorry for poor quality. but it's the only one I took before pearls and lashes)

(No lashes)

(Completed Look)


 Mehron Fantasy F-X makeup moonlight ( face/neck)
 The Body Needs eyeshadow Lemon Drop (temples & nose)
 The Body Needs eyeshadow Tangerine (temples & nose)
 The Body Needs eyeshadow Harmony (forehead & chin shapes)
 The Body Needs eyeshadow D' Blue Bomb (forehead/chin shapes, nose)
 Duo Brush-on Lash Adhesive (for pearls)
 Baby Blue half pearls stickers (from Michaels Arts & crafts)

• Urban Decay Primer Potion Original (all over eyelid)
 The Body Needs eyeshadow Lemon Drop (top-lid to hairline) 
 The Body Needs eyeshadow Tangerine (top-outer corner) 
 The Body Needs eyeshadow Midnight Aura (along bottom lid)
 The Body Needs eyeshadow D' Blue Bomb (bottom-under Midnight Aura)
 The Body Needs eyeshadow Harmony (bottom-under D' Blue Bomb)
• Urban Decay eye liner Perversion (waterline)
• DUO Brush-On lash adhesive (for pearls)
 Elise Faux Eyelashes #481
 Munzon contact lenses

• Kryolan Eyebrow Design Kit (cover brows)
• Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper
 The Body Needs eyeshadow D' Blue Bomb (define & fill brows)
 The Body Needs eyeshadow Tangerine (above brows)
• Ben Nye Spirit Gum Remover (remove wax from brows)

 The Body Needs blush Aphrodite (above cheekbone)
 The Body Needs eyeshadow Lemon Drop (above cheekbone)
 The Body Needs eyeshadow Tangerine (above cheekbone below Lemon Drop)
 The Body Needs eyeshadow D' Blue Bomb (on & below cheekbone)
 The Body Needs eyeshadow Harmony (below cheekbone under D' Blue Bomb)

• Urban Decay Primer Potion Original
 The Body Needs eyeshadow D' Blue Bomb (outline bottom lip)
 The Body Needs eyeshadow Harmony (bottom lip-outer edge )
 The Body Needs eyeshadow Lemon Drop (bottom lip)

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