Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Death's Head Moth Caterpillars (Pixi Kiss) 3/21/14

Death's Head Moth Caterpillars (Pixi Kiss Cosmetics)  3/21/14

Named after these interesting Death's Head Moth Caterpillars. Hope you like it!

• Maybelline Great Lash Clear mascara
• BH Cosmetics Brow Trio Dark

Chaos Cosmetics Optimus Prime primer (top/bottom lid)
• Pixi Kiss Cosmetix eyeshadow Iridessa (highlight)
• Pixi Kiss Cosmetix eyeshadow Rainbow Yellow (top-center lid)
• Pixi Kiss Cosmetix eyeshadow Rainbow Orange (top-sides of yellow)
• Pixi Kiss Cosmetix eyeshadow Forgedaboudid (bottom-middle lid)
• Pixi Kiss Cosmetix eyeshadow Whack 'Em (top-inner/outer lid above crease, bottom-inner/outer lid)
• Ingot gel liner #77 (eyeliner/wing)
• Urban Decay eyeliner Covet (waterline)
• Maybelline The Falsies mascara, Waterproof, Very Black
• Duo Brush on Lash Adhesive
• Red Cherry lashes #47
• Contacts: Desio Forest Green


  1. Whoa, those Caterpillars! :D they look like a weird horse or something! :)> I LOVE this look! The colors are so interesting, but jut so beautiful.

    1. Aren't they just so weird and cool?! I always find so much beauty and inspiration on pinterest.com :) really happy you like this look sweetheart! Hope you're doing well! Glad to see you back bloggin and doing makeup again! :) <3

  2. Very beautiful Anna, always love what you do
    Wish you had a full face pic to get the full results

    1. Thank you so much :) I'm really happy you like my work. Sorry, I don't always take full face photos...most of the time it's because my lips and face looks the same so I don't wanna keep posting similar photos all the time...