Saturday, October 25, 2014

How to Press Pigments/ Eyeshadows VIDEO TUTORIAL 9/14/14

How to Press Pigments/ Eyeshadow VIDEO TUTORIAL! 9/14/14

After having my baby, I've ignored my pigments and loose eyeshadows because they're inconvenient. I decided to press some of them so I could easily access them in one neat palette!
I hope you like my tutorial.

• Z Palette or empty magnetic palette
• Rubbing alcohol 91% (or higher)
• Loose Pigments/ Eyeshadows
• Empty metal pans (mine are 36mm)
• Highlighter marker
• Permanent marker
• Eye dropper
• Small spatulas
• Plastic
• Quarters
• Toilet paper
• Fabric

I finally finished pressing a lot of my favorite loose pigments & made palettes for Chaos Cosmetics, The Body Needs Cosmetics, U-Notyce Cosmetics & one mixed with MAC, Chaos, & The Body Needs! I've been using them  A LOT now that they're so convenient. Here are the finished palettes!

This one is MAC, Chaos Cosmetics, & The Body Needs:

This one is all Chaos Cosmetics:

This one is all The Body Needs:

This one is all U-Notyce Cosmetics:

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