Friday, December 18, 2015

Scarlett Boradbill (U-Notyce Cosmetics) 2/20/15

Scarlett Boradbill (U-Notyce Cosmetics)  2/20/15

Smothered my eyes with a bunch of beautiful colors today! Hope you like it!

• Anastasia Brow Duo Ebony

• Primer: Urban Decay primer potion original
• Eyeshadows: U-Notyce Cosmetics Pearl Diamonds (highlight), Siren (top: inner/mid lid), Sinful (top: crease, bottom: middle/outer lid), Arctic (top: outer lid), Cat (top: outer lid), Loud (bottom: below Sinful), Frozen (tear duct)
• Waterline: Urban Decay eyeliner Perversion
• Eyeliner: Maybelline Master Graphic Stricking Black (eyeliner)
• Lashes: #KatyPerry Color  Pop KaBam