Before you go to bed- ALWAYS take it off. Unless you're so drunk, you pass out, or are puking all night...there's no reason you shouldn't remove all your makeup before you go to bed. It's terrible for your skin! I didn't always do it when I was careless with my skin, but once I got into the habit of it I noticed a difference; I didn't break out as much and my skin didn't seem dead & dull.

Mary Kay Oil-free Makeup Remover; this is oil free and works great. I use this & alternate with my baby oil on the eyes. But this is what I use to remove makeup from my face.

I use baby oil mixed with Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner on a cotton rounds to wipe everything off. I've been advised not to use baby oil because people have gotten infections from it and it's oily (so you shouldn't use it on the eye area) but it's the only thing that removes my waterproof mascara along with everything else and I've been fortunate enough not t have had an problems in over 10 years.
- Close the eyes tightly when removing makeup to avoid any of it getting in your eye.
- DON'T RUB &  DRAG: the skin around the eyes is extremely sensitive. So be gentle to keep from getting wrinkles. Instead use a short up/down, side-to-side movement to break down the makeup and remove it.

Cleaning my face is very important. I didn't use to do this but when I finally did, it made a huge difference. 

I wash my face with cleanser every day right before I go to bed. I tried many different brands and the one I've stuck to is FRESH  Soy Face Cleaner (which they have at Sephora). It's got a gel like texture & does a nice job removing makeup & doesn't dry out my face.

EXFOLIATE: I also exfoliate every day in the morning before makeup. This is another product I tried different types of and have stuck to DDF Glycolic Exfoliating Wash 5% (which they also have at Sephora). I like this becuase it lathers and cleans & me face feel really fresh afterwards.

MOISTURIZEI use moisturizer daily. It keeps my skin from drying up around the chin & mouth area (which was really embarrassing & itched!) I really like SEPHORA COLLECTION Instant Moisturizer; it keeps my skin moist & soft without making it really oil <3

FACIALS: I've always had issues with breakouts, pimples, blackheads, whiteheads & oil clogs in my skin; even after my 20's. I tried so many products and never got the results I wanted. Finally my mom convinced my to try European facials (with lots of extractions). 

I have never been happier with my skin, this has by far made the biggest difference in my skin. You have to find someone who does a good job removing oil, blackheads, etc & treating them as well. It hurts pretty bad at times & my face doesn't look so great the first 2 days but gets better after each visit. I go twice a month & depending on your skin, your frequency will vary. 

About a year ago, someone had asked me if I could help her improve on applying eyeshadow on herself. Since I don't have too much due to full time work & school + homework and gym, I made these for her. She said they were helpful so I figure I'd post them up in the hopes that they'll be helpful to others as well!

I also like Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance in Original.

You don't have to use a primer on the face but I have found that the foundation & powder hold better when I do use it. This is the order I like to follow when applying makeup to the face


First things first, I haven't died my hair in over 3 years which makes it easier (for me) to maintain & keep it healthy. Here are some things I do to maintain & treat my hair to keep it healty.

HOT OIL & OTHER TREATMENTS: I try to use hot oil treatments once a week. I use the leave in kind becuase it's just convenient for me. I'm current using Hask Placenta Hot Creme, there are 2 kinds that I know of and I use both. I also LOVE Thermafuse Heat Smart Syrum & Ojon Dry Recovery™ Revitalizing Moisture Mist . They both smell great & make my hair feel softer & more manageable. 

HENNA: This one's a bit gross & a pain in the a** but it's worth it. You can buy these from beauty stores or European supermarkets. It's all natural, comes in Black & Red Henna; I use the red because I like to have a red tint to my hair. When you purchase the Red Henna, try to open the box to see the color of the henna, it should be a medium mossy/dark mint green color, not dark green or brown. 

The directions are on the box but basically you mix the powder with water, olive oil & vinegar; Apply it all over your hair; Leave for 3-4 hours; wash thoroughly. This makes your hair shiney, thicker & overall healthier.

3 MONTH TRIM: I honestly can't remember the last time I changed my haircut but I always get a trim every 3 months. This gets rid of the dry, damaged & dead ends allowing hair to grow healthier.

I use to bite my nails since I was a kid until I was 18 and my nails were ugly & weak. I finally stopped and needed help growing my nails and making them healthy and strong. I found out about NailTek & Nailtiques from a nail salon; which are protein formulas & work amazing after daily use for a few months. 

I use Formula 2 for  Soft, Peeling, Bitten, Weak or Thin Nails & now my nails grow fast, are very strong and healthy. I've also recommended this to friends and family and after a month or so of daily use, they also saw improvement.

DIRECTIONS:You apply one coat every day for the week, then remove it all and start over at the end of the week. 
You can put nail polish over them if you like, but don't put 

WHERE TO BUY: You can use either one; NaitTek is less expensive but works just as good. You can buy them online from these sites.

Nailtiques is also sold at CVS pharmacy & Target as well. 


I thought this might be helpful to some people so I figured I would list it for your reference. If you have any specific questions about products, just let me know :)

Here is a list places & companies I get my makeup from:

Sephora - this is where I buy a lot of my eyeshadow, palettes & other products, including Urban Decay, Too Faced, & Make Up For Ever. (They have a great rewards program, so make sure you sign up to get goodies!)

The Body Needs - this is where I get my TBN eyeshadows & blushes

Chaos Cosmetics - this is where I get my beautiful Chaos Cosmetics eyeshadows

Yonelay - This is where I get Red Cherry in bulk

Madame Madeline - this is where I buy my lashes (and many other brands) they have thousands of lashes at a VERY cheap price, including eyelash glues

Morphe Brushes - where I buy my Morphe brushes (located in Burbank, CA)

CVS Pharmacy - this is where I buy my eyeshadow brushes, Ardell eyelashes, Duo eyelash glue, NYC, Maybelline mascara & foundation, Revlon lipstick, Milani Cosmetics & many other products. They have good quality stuff at affordable prices

Target - this is where I also buy Ardell lashes, ELF cosmetics, eyeshadow brushes, Milani Cosmetics

NYX Cosmetics - this is the company I like to use for eyeliners, glitter eyeliners, and loose glitter

MAC Cosmetics - I buy their pigments, lipsticks, & brush cleaner

BH Cosmetics - this is where I've bought some great palettes with lots of colors at a great price. They have beautiful sets with lots of colors & have great sales

Too Faced - this is where I also buy Too Faced eyeshadows, palettes, bronzers etc... because they have good sales & sometimes offer products that Sephora isn't carrying

Urban Decay - this is where I also buy Urban Decay products because they have great sales & sometimes offer products & discounts that Sephora doesn't.

Velour Lashes - this is where I buy my beautiful Velour Lashes (cruelty free mink lashes)